Can hypnosis help me?

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Can hypnosis help me?

Postby fantasyrevan » October 26th, 2014, 9:25 pm

So I'm not going to really go into why, but since 2013 I have lost all my friends, they all stopped hanging with me and abandoned me. As a result I have social anxiety that makes me feel sick when ever i leave the house. Can hypnosis help me overcome my anxieties, help me to talk to people and make friends easily, and since i have never had a girlfriend, can it help me talk to women better, or more accuratly have the guts to talk to women?
I have been using hypnosis for a long time but never really commited to any file consistently,basically i want you to tell me how well you think hypnosis can help a depressed, anxietic 18 year old, to what extent, and how hypnosis has helped you in the past?
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Postby BRHowell » May 12th, 2015, 9:14 pm

Dear Fantasyrevan

I am not necessarily a pro at this, but I am one in training, hopefully I can give you some information you might be looking for before I go to bed for the night. :wink: You have made a good start in joining this website, which leads you to a lot of downloads (Over in the files section to the left) in many diffrent formats. Preferably in MP3's, which sound great on an MP3 player and headphones which might boost the abilities slightly. If you feel a file however is not what you want, is by a person your not comfortable with, or you dont know what a subject or term means, Best to do your research as the world of hypnosis has a lot of mysterious roads not traveled often.

Your anxiety of the outside world is not uncommon, but I feel it is important for you to look into yourself to why you truley feel this way, on a much deeper scale. Are you afraid that they might do something to you. Are you nervous they will laugh and reject you? Are you angry with yourself and pulling yourself back in to what others have told you? Think of these concentrated questions and others like it and try to narrow down your real reasons, (Even if they hurt)
If you want to talk to people and enjoy the public, a shyness file might be a good place to start, but again, track your reasons first. This is the most critical part before starting hypnosis: KNOW WHY.

I also noticed you said you never committed to a file. Testing files may be important, and clarity of the mind also important, but you need to find something that will comfort you enough to take slow steps daily. What I mean is this: Dont jump into a 10 file playlist daily with people you never heard suddenly, but mabey play a file, some soft music, some rock, no music, then wean yourself into a file that your comfortable with. By doing this, your not forcing yourself into a file to quickly, but as you get more comfortable you should be able to start listening a few times a week, which can lead to better effects.(Meaning try not to fast forward or force-pick a file without knowing the voice, effects, and reasons completly)

As a final note, Hypnosis is not for evereyone, and theyre are a lot of safety rules to learn. This is probably the most relyable site you will find here involving such, as it is home to many veterans on this difficult subject. Can Hypnosis help you? Absolutly! Can it fix your problems? Not unless one is willing to follow with the steps in theyre body, heart, and mind with it.

Welcome to our world, and by all means, enjoy it :)

-Love and snuggles,
-B. R. Howell
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