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My first time under!

PostPosted: April 1st, 2007, 1:40 am
by Alliance
I'm pretty new to the hypnosis stuff, and I've started listening to the files today. The files I've listened to are:

At first I wasn't really feeling anything at all, but I laid in bed last night, listened to the files, and felt something! I felt extremely relaxed, with a few blank spots in my mind. My mind would make its own noises, as if a dream were ready to play, and the voice was clear as ever. I felt odd bits of pressure in parts of my head. Not the painful type, but it was neat. I'm glad to see this stuff actually working, and I can't wait to put these newfound abilities to use.

PostPosted: March 9th, 2008, 7:26 pm
by Lynchia
I'm glad you are finding success. I have always had trouble using subliminal and hypno files in the past but I am myself finally starting to have some success. The most noticable for me is during some deepeners that I downloaded which I use when I lie down for bed. I can feel their effects as I lie there between wakening and sleep, relaxing my muscles, making them tingle. Although sometimes I have trouble listening to a looped playlist during the night, being jarred awake, I more often then not awake in the morning feeling even more relax and refreshed without awaking which for me is a blessing as I have cronic insomia.