• Astral Travel    
    Travel beyond your body for as long as you want after listening to this file.

    New Age
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    This is the best file ever
    Ditto, holy shit You will feel and see things you never have before, and you will like it.
    Deamed, i was at half of it when my family member came upon me and said am i asleep? (i was sitting near my comp). I felt strange, dunno why. I advise u try this. I believe in hypnose but never been feeling it...
    WOW this realy works ! LOVE THIS! and about the trans thing omg i walked out and seen hou cars pass me when i tryed it for the 8th time i could go out and go to shop and even to my work it was dark thear like in bad movies :) i love those things my next thing is uplode them all to a mp3 and lisen when i am in bed :P okey bye :D
    i don't understand it, i went through it and just woke up because nothing happened pretty sure it works, maybe not for me? anyone who can help me figure this out?
    Didn't really work for me, but that might be because I'm too tied to what my body is feeling moment to moment and have to mentally tell myself to breath when in trance or my heart beats super hard.
    Sorta worked for me. I was able to see myself lying in bed, but for some reason I couldn\'t leave the room while in astral state.
    So far this has worked 3/10 times for me. I accidentally astral traveled once before I found this website and I had been trying so hard to do it again and it wouldn\'t work. This really helped. =)\n\nBTW: for people having trouble, try setting an alarm to wake you up at some odd hour like 3 am. Then listen to this.
    I\'ve always wondered about Astral Travel and please forgive my ignorance, but is it possible to become \'trapped\' outside of your body, with no way to go back?
    I\'m unable to actually see anything, though it did help me visualize with my mind\'s eye much better than I could without hypnosis. I have horrible visualization skills in the first place, so that\'s probably why. Still pretty cool. \n\n@trance No, you can just wake yourself up. As it has a personal waken-er, you all you need to do to wake up at any time is to count to five. I get a horrible feeling if I don\'t visualize re-entering my body before I wake up, though.
    A word of warning, what you think if you get out will influence that world, and may attract creatures that like any \"sinful\" thoughts you happen to think while there. I thought it was all in my head, and acciddently attracted a creature, which tried to do some nasty stuff, so, in general, watch your thoughts if you suceed.
    This is not astral projection, it's mental projection. Still, neat.
    I had trouble getting out of my body but it worked