• hormones with binaural surf    
    part 2 of bodybuilding series rnjust a note on the recording rnthe goal of this script is to get your hormones primed for healing and muscle growthrnthe second part is to get rid of excess hair and start getting the effect of a tan..rnrnhormone manipulation in hypnosis is questionable .. and some consider dangerousrnrnin regards to "can the mind control hormones?" There are documented cases of hypnosisrneffecting stress hormones (how much is that related to a little relaxation rnand how much due to the sugeestion? you decide )rnAlso a woman with split personality had one personality that had diabetes rnand others that didn't ..so her mind was doing this... so I believe hypnosis can rncontrol to a point , but I also believe it is limited to the normal bell curve... rnie hypnosis will not give you the effect of massive steriod injections ..rnbut where as hormones vary widely in humans and most steriod users are lucky if they rnget to the high end of the natural bell curve.. rnrnthen this should be equivilence of a decent dose....and relatively harmlessrnthis is my belief and belief is important for hypnosis to work...rnrnIn regards to hair falling out .. in my case it seems to have increased the amount rnI find in drain in my morning shower so I believe it is doing somethingrnrnTanning is new... but I saw something that indicated some one was able tornget a person to efect as if they had a sun burn... releasing melinatin is caused by rnhormones ..so why not rnrnI am an ameatuer so take this all with a grain of salt ...no warenty impliedrnor offered.. use at own risk..rnlet me know how it worked for you

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