• vision    
    4th file in bodybuilding series...vision is important .. vision is required... a bodybuilder is not a normal person and society can be preventive you from reaching goals...however to reach the freaky bodybuilder status you must be committed 100%..this file first asks you to affirm that you really want to be that , then asks you to envision it... ( I had trouble with this part ..I recommend crudely pasting a picture of your head on a favourite pro bodybuildrs body..yeah it is crude but gets you a vision) then moves you forward to embracing the goals necessary for your bodybuilding dreams to come true...saying you are going to work out and follow a diet is one thing... embracing a lifestyle is another ..vision is important for the rest to work...so my files are induction, deepener,vision,workout,hormone, then finally sleep..thanks to all that I have copied from...( hope you are not offended and I am only adding to what you have contributed , not claiming I wrote it)

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