• Robot Bodybuilder coach's voice inside--beta 2    
    beta 2-- second try a little more complete.. . a modification on "the voice" to add a coaches voice in your bodybuilding efforts.. added the planner and added more text to make a better flow , added the other characters,, now the file is longer..( too long?) . looking for feedback.. the goal is a robot to do the workout, coach to mercilessly drive the robot, a planner that plans the optimum growth path ..the guy you are now .. that will fade away .as you transform to a future robot body builder rnlooking for feedback and ideas to move forward

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    I believe this file could be a little more streamlined. \nProbably the coach and planner could be one.\nFurther suggestions: \nOne could add an incentive to healthy meal planning and unquestioning adherance to eating 5 or 6 meals a day to gain mass.\nBefore each exercise one will review the correct form and then execute with complete focus. Each push or pull movement is slow and measured, held a moment in intense contraction and then measured resistance. \nThe delivery and voice are great, an improvement over the previous version!