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    Burn All Night by DNatureofDTrain Casey Heinzism

    Song and lyrics complied by DNatureofDTrain background edited with permission from freepd.com ...

    This song is about Keeping your passion and love to do the right thing. Burn suggestion passion, and when you hear for the right it stands for doing the right thing and changing this world to make it a better place, it is a song about keep love and peace and helping others.. although to someone that may not know this might think it is a spookie song about something else. It is about letting your love and passion keep you going and spreading to others..  

    Depression says by DNatureofDTrain

    background arranged and clipped together from freepd.com 

    Die Fly (song) By DNatureofDTrain is a cover or bodies, DNatureofDTrain's fly hunting song when swatting flies.

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    By Stephen Benton, Michael Luce, Christian Pierce, and David Williams
    Copyright Pounding Drool and Reservoir Media Music


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