• DNatureofDTrain Show 12172019    

    DNatureofDTrain Show December 17 2019

    DNatureofDTrain, Cheif Heinzism reading a IPL public domain story "An Old man lost his only son: Inuit 

    Yaheoh Heinzist Mood song, and a tip to feel better.

    And Life is Like and Express Train both by DNatureofDTrain. And some explanations of the Heinzist Tribe Salute, and  of some Standard American Sign language signs, and  some Lakota Sign language... it does not mention other than the Heinzist signs which signs are from what. This is a Video file. *note webcam max and youcam is the software used to make the video"

    The story is also included in the text files in the script. Note the songs are not public domain, but this show is downloadable for personal uses only.

    New Age
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