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Starting Over

by Ox

Well, since I wrote my first entry, I've had a lot of strange shit happen -- Mom's in a personal care home now, I'm cleaning up Mom's house, I'm recovering from being hospitalized for depression (much better, thank you), etc. -- but what I really wanted to write about was buying the BodyBuilder Sixpack (oh. I just got it! LOL!) and the results of my using it a lot. Always A Jock is great and I guess the "getting dumb" portion is working as well as the "love sports" and "love working out" stuff. I've lost pants sizes. And I just finished watching SuperBowl XLII yesterday; it was great! I'm a Steelers fan and wanted them to be in it, but ... oh well. I got sooo tired of the Patriots and their undefeated super-season that I could have thrown up several times this football season. I am so glad that the Patriots LOST! I guess that makes me more of a "Hateriot" rather than a Giants fan but I don't care! So far I don't think that anybody but me has noticed that when the Steelers got Ben Roethlisberger, and the Giants got Eli Manning, there was a third quarterback taken in the top eleven picks of the first round: Phillip Rivers. The first two have SuperBowl Rings. When will Rivers get his?


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